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Solution Cable seals Plastic seals Bolt seals Meter seals
  • Container Anti-theft seals
  • GL-C20435Cable seals
  • GL-C20115Anti-theft cable seals
  • GL-C101Anti-theft cable seals
  • GL-H206Container high seals
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  • Container Anti-theft seals
  • GL-C20550Anti-theft cable seals
  • GL-C20530Anti-theft container seals
  • GL-C20518Anti-theft cable sals
  • Container cable seals
  • GL-C20435Cable seals
  • GL-C20430Container seals
  • GL-C20125Container seals
  • GL-P204Plastic seals
  • GL-P206 container plastic seals
  • GL-P102Plastic seals
  • Plastic seals GL-P112
  • Plastic seals GL-P113
  • GL-H206Container high seals
  • GL-H205Container bolt seals
  • GL-H204Container anti-theft seals
  • GL-H202Container bolt seals
  • GL-H201Container high seals
  • GL-T103
  • GL-B101Barcode Handheld Terminal
  • GL-F103
  • GL-F102
  • GL-F101
About Us
         Galion, set research and development, production, sales, service as one of the integrated security guard against theft seals equipment manufacturer for customers at the same time, make own security, security solutions, protection of customer materials do not suffer loss.
         Our products are disposable, are widely applied in instrument, list box, power supply, water supply, gas supply, war industry, oil transportation, chemical industry, mine, cement, postal, customs, railway, financial, ......
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